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** I've moved to my business page https://outbackgames.itch.io contact me there for any questions**
A Very Small Windows PC game programmed and designed in a total of 24hrs by SoulessVagabond using models made for the Simple Festive Pack which you can purchase a copy of here https://soulessvagabond.itch.io/simple-festive-pack
x64 bit support only.

Extract and Run "A Christmas Puzzle.exe" to play.
Enable Adult Mode In Settings To Unlock Extra Voice Lines For The Elf

(due to the short development time, there is bound to be bugs that were not picked up while testing)


Elf Voice: CrimsonNight - https://twitch.tv/crimsonnight

Music By: SktizoHouseCat - https://thathousecat.bandcamp.com http://twitch.tv/sktizohousecat

Special Thanks To:

Unity Technologies

Denis Rizov (Naughty Attributes, Unity Asset Store)

BG Studio (Skybox, Unity Asset Store)

ONPOLYX (Fire Particles, Unity Asset Store)

AngryMesh (Snow Particles, Unity Asset Store)

Install instructions

Extract and Run "A Christmas Puzzle.exe" to play.


A Christmas Puzzle_x64_v1.zip 74 MB

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